Who we are

At Orange, we feel that this is our battle: to transform technology into progress every day. Innovation only makes sense when it serves humanity. Man, citizen, employee, customer.

The ambition of Orange is to build an unmatched customer experience. The men and women of Orange are the main actors of this ambition. That is why Orange commits to each of its employees with a single, simple and strong promise for all, regardless of entity: a promise to be a digital and caring employer.

To do so, we invest in numerous innovative professional training and development programs and we are entering into recognized partnerships which ensure that everyone has real opportunities to progress.

Three priorities have been defined to fulfil our promise as a digital and caring employer:

Ensure the right skills for tomorrow

Develop agile ways of working

Encourage employee engagement

What we do

Areas of expertise:

  • Solution Design
  • Solution Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Intelligence
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Data & Reporting
  • Robotic Process Automation

Today, services of the local IT Division have touched millions of customers across Europe. We share our best practices among the partner’s that we work with, helping us grow and excel in areas of software development, testing & database administration, and business intelligence. Along with our team of nearly 750+ dedicated employees, we manage over 400+ applications, covering sectors of:

  • web development
  • e-commerce
  • CRM development
  • network monitoring & administration
  • E2E Business Process Automation

Our large experience in enterprise IT environments, use of modern tools and different development methodology allowed us enhance what we do on a daily basis. We practice different delivery models:

  • As local competency center which is delivering products in conformity with business needs.
  • Extension of a partner’s team, which can be integrated in any IT delivery framework (Waterfall, Agile or Custom) already in use.
  • Pre-project based, depending on demands project group is forming, to analyze, design and develop solution for partner needs.

Orange Systems Academy

Orange Systems Academy is an innovative educational program in IT organized by Orange Systems since 2018. Its purpose is to contribute to the professional training of young people in various IT fields to face the challenges of the labor market in Moldova.

At Orange Systems Academy, young programming enthusiasts study new programming languages and technologies for free under the guidance of the best Orange Systems experts

The training program involves 2 modules, one theoretical and the other practical, in which young people work together on the creation of a software product. At the end of the program, graduates receive diplomas of participation at Orange Systems Academy, and the best can also get job offers.